geek-onesieObject oriented programming is one of the key advancements in computer programming in the past few decades. Describing systems as objects with properties and methods which interact with each other allows programmers to think about problems naturally and to reuse code libraries much more efficiently than in less powerful computing models. Object oriented programming allows individual, less experienced programmers to take advantage of frameworks and software development kits developed by teams of specialized professionals, lowering the time and experience needed to create polished, functional applications. Even as computers and operating systems become more complicated, object oriented programming leaves more time for programmers to have a life/family.

To celebrate object oriented programming, we designed a shirt for infants and expecting mothers. The syntax is from C#, a popular object oriented language.

person baby = new person();

This line creates an instance named “baby” of type person, and calls the constructor for a person. A constructor is a special function which returns a new instance of a class. The colors match those used by the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment for highlighting key words like “new” and class names like “person.”;

This calls a method (function associated to the object) of the baby called “love.” It could be an action of the baby, or it could be something you do to the baby. We’ll leave the details to you.

The geek onesie and matching t-shirts for nerdy parents can be purchased via our nerdy shirt site. There is also a matching maternity shirt available at our CafePress store.

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  1. Dani Says:

    loved your post. I am gonna show this to my (future) bf heh. Hope you’re having a good Sunday. – Dani

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